TMT Solutions is an Inductive Automation – Ignition Premier Level 4 Integrator, leveraging the power of the Ignition platform to meet your current and future SCADA needs. 

Combining the services of TMT Solutions with the Ignition platform can unlock the true potential of your process. 

TMT Solutions is constantly training and innovating to be the best in the business.  We use the Inductive University to stay on top of the newest features of the software.  Our HMI programmers complete this training and vendor certification tests to maintain the Inductive Gold and Core Engineer certifications.

The Possibilities using TMT Solutions and Ignition

-        Process Display

-        Custom Data Collection & Reporting

-        Getting data from the plant floor to the executive offices

-        Private network or cloud access.  Easily deploy and connect to your systems.

-        Reduced software and implementation costs.

-        Many more… Imagine it and TMT Solutions can do it!

Transparency of SCADA

Ignition is changing the industry.  From public forums to a free university covering their entire software platform, Ignition is empowering the end users.  Take a look at their website and see for yourself.  They even publish their pricing online.  Look around, build a custom package, and then contact the experts at TMT Solutions for a custom quote. 

TMT Solutions is here to help the end users create projects that were only a dream in the past.




Ignition HMI - Frac Sand Integrations 

Sand Custoemrs.png

Ignition HMI - Water/Waste Water Integrations

Water Map.png

Ignition HMI - Cement Batching Integrations  

Cement Batching.png

Ignition HMI - Oils & Gas Integrations

Oil and Gas.png