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Successful industrial design and construction is a process that looks at the desired outcome, and by means of proper location, capital investment, labor costs, productivity and production requirements to provide the Owner with a complete package that will meet the needs for the expected life of the facility.  It is pertinent to properly execute all stages of the project from the engineering phase all of the way to final commissioning, in order to create the best facilities for that industry.  TMT strives to orchestrate all of their assets in a way that allows for maximum efficiency on all projects, in turn saving the customer money, and leaving the customer with a plant that operates at it's full potential.  Nothing can top that peace of mind.


A prerequisite to success is for the design staff to be constantly exposed to innovations and new developments across all phases of numerous industries including process control, intelligent systems, and machinery.  Our in-house staff of industrial designers are constantly creating new solutions to deliver an apex final product. The resultant innovations developed are applied across a wide range of industries by our team of civil and structural engineers in close coordination with the industrial architects.