Building relationships through excellent performance. 

TMT is dedicated to providing solutions for complex industries; striving to be the first choice in construction, design, automation, electrical, and  controls solutions, backed by first-rate customer service.

Servicing the United States, Canada, Mexico and abroad, TMT is built on integrity. Every project we tackle embodies the hard work and commitment that embodies our well-respected company which is thriving today. TMT Solutions holds a continuous commitment to superior customer service. We always have our client’s best interest in mind, and are determined to exceed every client’s expectations. Through ongoing collaboration with our customers and vendors, TMT turns the client’s vision into a reality.


Design it strategically.

TMT has over 50 years of combined experience in designing facilities globally. Utilizing tools like Solidworks, AutoCAD and 3D plant imaging, our clients can be reassured that every project will be meticulously executed from start to finish.

Build it precisely.

TMT Solutions is able to construct facilities from the ground up with precision, by following TMT or customer supplied 2D/3D designs. 

Program it specifically.

With the ever-changing world of automation, TMT stays on top of the latest technological advances. Our experienced Automation Designers and Programmers have the capabilities to design and program in any platform our Partners choose.  TMT is not a Distributor or Manufacturer's representative, which enables us to sit on the same side of the table as our partners during the specification and procurement process, and choose a solution that best meets our partner's needs.

Operate it easily.

TMT's Automation Specialists, combined with our Total Control Solutions (TCS) software, allows the typical PLC/HMI systems to be vertically integrated from the enterprise level to the local controls.

Watch it closely.

Through automation, video monitoring, and enterprise level reporting, management has the ability to monitor real time data from all facilities globally.  

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