TMT has spent years re-engineering and upgrading our Kiosks to include field proven, industrial grade, harsh environment, outdoor rated components.  Our touch screens and barcode scanners are certified to the most extreme environmental tests for water and dust ingress.  Our Kiosks are built to standards that ensure they can operate from the extreme cold of Alberta to the high heat of southern New Mexico and Texas to the high salt and humidity of the Gulf Coast ports of Texas and Lousiana.

Our Kiosks comply with all major US and International standards including OSHA, NEMA, MSHA, ASME, UL, CSA, and CE. 

Our Kiosks are designed to be modular, allowing you to customize for your specific needs. The Kiosks can be outfitted with any combination of the components below to specifically fit your needs.

 Outdoor Touchscreen, IP-66 water rated, Sunlight Readable (1000 NIT), -40 to 158 degrees F operating temp

1D/2D Barcode Reader, IP-67 water rated, -13 to 122 degrees F operating temp

Direct Thermal Printer, Large paper roll (approx 750 BOL's per roll)

IP Camera

IP Intercom

Swing-Arm Pole Mounts