TCS Local (BASE Terminal Software)

TCS (Total Control Solutions) Acts like no other ticketing system offered in the world. Communicating directly with your terminal PLC (Program Logic Controller) TCS virtually eliminates all human error by removing manual data entry and automating the load out process entirely. In combination with our Truck Checkin/Checkout Kiosks TCS keeps track of all PO’s coming into your terminal, digitally stores all BOL’s going out of your terminal and loads trucks by the click of a mouse by communicating directly to your integrated scale and HMI automation system. TCS truly is one of kind, allowing 1 operator to load out 3 lanes of traffic while simultaneously offloading rail cars arriving at your storage facility. For more information, or to schedule a tour of one of our facilities running TCS please click here.


TCS Cloud takes all of your valuable local TCS terminal data, and puts it directly into (you guessed it) a secure cloud interface accessible anywhere in the world. You can even create multiple user accounts to set department viewing levels (Example: Business, Logistics, Finance, Supply Chain) and cross-referenced realtime data from all of your facilities combined.

  • Active Orders

  • Pull Rate by Order

  • Pull Rate by Customer

  • Average Site Time per Carrier

  • Current Product Quantity on site

  • Silo Levels

  • Daily Sum of Net Weight

  • Weekly Average Load Time

  • Weekly Average Site Time

  • Weekly Truck Count

  • Weekly Truck Count per Carrier

  • Active Orders

  • Pull Rate by Order

  • Pull Rate by Customer

TCS DASH (Closing the loop from order to invoice)

TCS DASH is the first application of its kind that takes care of every step of sand movement from mine to wellsite. Pulling in data from all your 3rd party companies, ERP systems and GPS tracking data, all 6 modules are selectable, and incredibly maluable to any step of your operation.

  • Communicates with existing/new terminal hardware. 

  • Communicates with existing/new terminal software

  • Gives you the highest level of reporting viewable from the cloud.

  • Completes all stages of moving, tracking, reporting, and invoicing of sand.

  • IOS/Android Apps available 


Additional TCS Modules

Driven by technology and the quest for the most accurate data, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what possible moving sand from mine to well site. Some additional TCS modules that can be integrated into your local terminal software include:

  • LED Truck Traffic Boards (Eliminating confusion, LED boards help navigate individual drivers to there exact load out location)

  • Truck Tally Module (Avoid demurrage fees, always know how many trucks are between the entrance of your location and your load out)

  • Railcar Maps (Know where ever railcar is located on your property, hover over that railcar to know product, quantity, time on location and more)

  • License Plate Recondition (Really want to know every drivers step on location, or just want to associate truck/trailer plates to PO’s?)

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