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Total Control solutions 

TCS Sand / TCS Cement Batch automates the truck load out operations completely.  Once implemented the system ties into your sales systems to retrieve purchase orders. These are then matched to transport vehicles when the driver signs in at the entry point kiosk at your facility. The driver is then directed to the correct silo utilizing a (pick ticket) printed from the entry kiosk. Once issued, the terminal operator provides remote assistance in proper alignment of the truck under the load out point.  After the operator initiated loading sequence completes, the driver departs through the exit kiosk where they picks up an automatically generated (custom) Bill of Lading. This level of automation greatly improves facility throughput, accountability, added safety measures, and provides numerous metrics to aid in reducing maintenance.


Metrics and Reporting

●    Automated Batch Report

●    Material Tracking

●    Needed vs. Actual

●    Inventories

●    Vehicles on Site

●    Flow Rates

●    Valve Actuation Counters

●    Motor Run Times


●    Flexible Architecture (configurable # bins and silos)

●    Integrates with Sales/Order Systems

●    Entry and Exit Kiosks,  Increases Operational Efficiency

●    Simplified User Configurable Batch Recipes

●    Automated Batch Execution, Manual Adds

●    Dense or Dilute Phase Mixing

●    Inventory Management

●    Automatic Bill of Lading

●    Historical Data Collection

●    Filter DP Monitoring

●    Login Security

●    Improved Safety

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